It is imperative that you receive an invitation as the first step to receive your university education. In order to receive this invitation, you need to:1. Provide a scanned copy of the high school diploma together with a transcript.2. Issuance of a scanned copy of the passport.Your letter of invitation, which will be arranged within 7-14 working days after you check the documents, will be available to the university of your choice.

In order to apply for visa, the student must prepare the following documents

1. Original and photocopy of the invitation from the university;

2. High School Diploma (Apostil Approved)

3. Graduated Lisen’s Transcript (Apostil Approved)

4. Delegation Health Report from the State Hospital and Photocopies(Both Academic and Photocopier will be Apostil Approved)

5. HIV Eliza Test Report (Apostil Approved)

6. Birth Registration Document – Formulated (Apostil Approved)

7.Passaport (Benefit for 10 years)8.Picture Photo (20 Pcs) – (Back White Piece)