Are there any masters and doctoral degrees?

AL FARABI You can graduate and doctorate at State University.

How can I benefit from health services?

The residence permit grants the student the right to benefit from health services as much as the citizen of the country concerned.
How is domestic transportation?

You can use buses and metro in public transport in the city. Taxi can be another option.

Can a 2 year college graduate complete a degree? What are the conditions?As far as giving the difference courses,What is the language of instruction?Kazakhstan’s educational language is Russian and English.How much is spending per month?The basic housing, food and social needs of a student are between $ 250 and $ 300 for monthly insurance.
How does the session permissions process work?

Turkey for a residence permit do not need to do something. When you go to Kazakhstan with your visa, the documents required for the session will be handed over to the foreigners’ branch and your residence card will be issued.

Is there a possibility of distance education?Kazakhstan has no distance education program at universities.What are the accommodations?Dormitory Accommodation Fees: 300 $ per month per year in University Yurdun, Room Rent: 150-200 $/Do you have HEC?According to the announcement dated 15.01.2016 of YÖK, equivalence to the diplomas of the students graduated from the schools among the first 500 universities in the world rank is approved. AL FARABİ University is ranked 220 and therefore the equivalence is given by YÖK.Do I need to qualify from any exam?There is no need to register for university registration