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Faculty of information technology


Course Overview

The mission of the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) is
training of highly qualified specialists of the world level for the
dynamically developing IT sector of the national economy
The strategic goal of the faculty development is the creation of a scientific and
educational center, making a significant contribution to the world and
national educational space in the field of IT-
specialists taking into account the needs of the modern IT market and
the requirements of professional and educational standards.
In this regard, the objectives of the Faculty of IT are as follows:
– meeting the needs of the IT sector of the economy inhighly qualified specialists;
– activation of the work of the scientific community, the involvement of students and
teachers in research work for Kazakhstan digitization development;
– improving the organization of trainees’ practices and concluding
contracts with the leading organizations of the IT industry;
– creation of a partnership system with potential employers with
the purpose of training IT-specialists in the labor market;
– establishment of a partnership system with the leading universities and
scientific centers in the field of training IT-specialists;
– quality maintenance of continuity and multilevelness
educational process: baccalaureate → master’s degree → doctoral studies.
– contribution to the improvement the University’s performance in QS World
University Ranking.
The Faculty of Information Technology consists of three departments:
– Information systems;
– Informatics;
– Artificial intelligence and Bigdata.
The Department of Information Systems prepares on bachelor, master and
doctoral studies in two specialties:
– Information Systems;
– Information security systems.
On specialty Information systems on the baccalaureate, except
the main educational program “Information Systems”, there is
educational program “Industrial information
system “studied in English, the main feature of which is the preparation of
specialist in complex automation and informatization of
industrial enterprises. It is planned in 2018 as part of the project
Erasmus + the opening of a new bachelor degree program
“Computational linguistics”, which is focused on the preparation of
specialists in the field of modern applied intellectual
information systems.
On the specialty of the Information Security System on
Bachelor’s program, in addition to the main educational program “Systems
information security “, it is planned in 2018 the opening of a new
educational program of baccalaureate “CyberSecurity”, that
is focused on training highly qualified specialists in
research and development of cybersecurity systems.
The Department of Informatics prepares on undergraduate, master and
doctoral studies in two specialties:
– Informatics;
– Computer science and software
as well as doctoral studies on the specialty – Computer Science, Computing
technology and management.
The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data implements educational
– Bachelor “automation and management”;
– magistracy and doctoral studies “artificial intelligence and large
data (Big Data) “,” automation and management “and” Internet of things “.

All educational programs are developed in cooperation with employers and
oriented to the needs of practice. Also, along with Al-Farabi KazNU professors
the active staff of firm partners is involved in teaching

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