Alfarabi University

Al Farabi State University is the largest and most established university in Kazakhstan. It is located in the city of Almaty which is the biggest city of Kazakhstan.Ranked 220th in the Top 500 Universities in the World RankingAl Farabi University, Kazakhstan’s oldest and largest university, is located in the former capital Almaty and was founded in 1934. There are a total of 20,000 students including undergraduate and graduate students. The Kazgugrad campus is based on 100 hectares and is the largest campus in the country.Al Farabi University has 14 faculties and 98 departments. Around 4,000 students from 80 different countries continue to study at this school. Al-Farabi Kazakh State University ranked 236th in the ranking of world universities in 2016/2017 (QS World University Rankings 2016/17). Al-Farabi University is ranked first in Kazakhstan universities rankings and rarely second in Kazakhstan’s annual success evaluations.It is ranked 31st among the world’s 50 most advanced technology colleges by Great Value Colleges, an international organization.

International universities carry out major scientific cooperation projects. The language of instruction is Kazakh Turkish, English and Russian. Al Farabi University is a university with rich social facilities. There is a large and content-rich library, museums within the faculty, internet centers, sports and life centers, student service center, dormitories, young scientist’s house, dining hall, student medical center.

Al Farabi University is the first university in Kazakhstan awarded with the achievement award in the field of quality in the history of the Presidential Award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Al Farabi National University is the founding member of the International Union of Universities in Quality and Service and the Union of Universities of Eurasia. It is the first university in the Central Asian countries to sign the Declaration of Great Universities in Kazakhstan and Bologna.Al Farabi University has 14 faculties, 63 departments, 20 scientific research institutes and centers, 1 technopark, more than 2000 professors. It works. Joint international training programs cooperate with the world’s 418 international universities in student exchange programs and internships.

Al-Farabi University Campus There are complexes and administrative divisions consisting of departments such as Educational Buildings, Academic Management Buildings, Student Dormitories, Student Dormitories, Multimedia Hall and Library Student Polikilinik and First aid Building, Student Dining Hall, Sports Facilities, Medical Faculty Center. The University of Alfarabi is the Russian Language Training Center. Students must study Russian Preparatory Class 1 year (10 months) in the university before undergraduate study. Students who successfully complete Preparatory Classes in Russian can take courses in the departments within the faculties of the University.